Thursday, June 26, 2008

My niggu-ish ways attract

This is the theme song to this current post,
So bump this shit and get into it.

Black guys dig me. They just do. Yes I've heard
They "love" asian girls, but I don't even think
that Ting Ting Nguyen or Yon Lee Su gets this much
love so apparent that they get mad fan mail over the internet.

At a second I thought I was signed up for some interracial dating site. Then I reminisced and clearly, I'm definitely not into the stereo type thing, but it all came back to me. In the fourth grade the only boy who ever loved me was a Devon Wilson. In seventh grade Michael Jackson's nephew followed me to La Salsa. Then he pushed my friend in the bushes. Blow Up LA saturday night the African-American bouncer stated, "DAAAAAMN, lookatchu witcho white shoes, you cuet thang attractin attention and shiiiieeet".

I should change my dating preferences. But the phrase "once you black you never go back" for me means that I will probably die and never go BACK to living after I try it.

I don't know, but I think this is a revelation.
Someone pass me a J.

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