Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bored in LA?

My homegirl Crystal sent me a link to
this outdated (but ongoing current events) of a blog
with a list of things to do in L.A.
Ohhhh hipsters,logout your macbook and take a break from those daily web cam photos you all like to post daily, grab your imitation Marc Jacobs purse and your keys with the
20 hello kitty chains hanging off it, because you got things to do and places to shop.

Events listed are:

A blog about a blog, this one deserves tremendous props.
Roller Disco on Sundays? An excuse to wear my rainbow one suit without
looking like a tard? I'll meet you under the disco ball ;)

Also, just like my menstruation cycle, a highly anticipated event is comin up
which occurs only once a month!

Trust, Miss Yuka knows whatsup,
Last Hi-Fi So-Sweet hosted that thang
and Partyshank boys were F.O.P. (Fresh off the plane.)
Free Sparks and don't forget to R.S.V.P.
(You can save 5 dollars and spend it on a gallon of gas, yayy!!! )

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