Monday, June 23, 2008

The Muse

Kate Moss deserves a cult, or possibly even a religion. First off, she's 5"7, 34 years old, and is still in the top of her game with two kids under her arm. Not only is she killin them hoes standing 3-4 inches shorter than those fresh-faced giraffe statured 14-20 year olds, but do take note that the average modeling career ceases at the age of 21. Not only is her personal style a muse to several designers, but she's the ideal fashion icon for millions of girls. For fuck's sake, Kate Moss makes a coke scandal look damn good, and she even snorts it well. Hence Joel Mchale's introduction to Mosstril vacuum cleaner. Not everyone can be inspiration for a universal household appliance. I'm also quite assured as well that half the fans of Libertines and Babyshambles would not have found Pete Doherty as a r'n'r sex icon or appealing if Kate Moss hadn't dated him.

Well to get down to my point, is Kate Moss's coke scandal printed on a T a scandal or art? Discuss.

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