Friday, June 6, 2008

Taylor Herrronnn!

Speaking of underrated orange county talent,
My favorite local photographer is Mr. Taylor Herron himself.
Lemme tell ya somethan, we go waaaay back. (For my young life at least).
Twas' summer of 06, Mickey Avalon @ the Galaxy, he lugged around a big backpack and a camera, and my friends wanted their picture taken. (Note this was before candids and night life photography blew out of proportion.) He didn't take our photograph. Months later,
I see him at yet another Mickey show, and from there we've kept in touch.
(and obviously lost out of touch after mishaps on our last shoot bahahaha)

Bottom line is, Taylor Herron knows his shit, not only is he school-educated
about film and all its magical wonders, but TH isn't doing his thang for the money
or connections. He's doing his thang cos it's his mothafuckin hobby, and no he did
not buy his Nikon 2 months ago and scrutinized every club in town to make some
change because the DJing gig failed him. These days, it's hard to find people
who live for their hobby rather than just trying to live off it. And thus, Taylor Herron deserves shameless promotion. Props to TH.

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"Is Chris Hansen going to show up at my door?"


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