Thursday, June 26, 2008

My niggu-ish ways attract

This is the theme song to this current post,
So bump this shit and get into it.

Black guys dig me. They just do. Yes I've heard
They "love" asian girls, but I don't even think
that Ting Ting Nguyen or Yon Lee Su gets this much
love so apparent that they get mad fan mail over the internet.

At a second I thought I was signed up for some interracial dating site. Then I reminisced and clearly, I'm definitely not into the stereo type thing, but it all came back to me. In the fourth grade the only boy who ever loved me was a Devon Wilson. In seventh grade Michael Jackson's nephew followed me to La Salsa. Then he pushed my friend in the bushes. Blow Up LA saturday night the African-American bouncer stated, "DAAAAAMN, lookatchu witcho white shoes, you cuet thang attractin attention and shiiiieeet".

I should change my dating preferences. But the phrase "once you black you never go back" for me means that I will probably die and never go BACK to living after I try it.

I don't know, but I think this is a revelation.
Someone pass me a J.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I lalalove rompers. It follows the three C's of fashion. Comfy, cozy and chic. It's a quick fix for an attire especially in the summer. I love them so much I began sewing the center piece of my dresses as a cheap and ghetto way to turn a potato sack dress into a romper. has an assortment of cute jumpsuits.

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And my favorite by far to lurk and look for one-pieces are from this Etsy shop in which all the clothing and jewelry are hand-made.


Unfortunately it's a first come first serve online boutique. On the plus side, most of the rompers are much more affordable than a jumpsuit from Urban Outfitters, and you'll be guaranteed that
you can strut around without running into your outfit twin when you go out.

Past archives include:

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Go on the road with SMV!

Go on the road with Spanish Moss Vintage &
Read about their gypsy gallivant road trips across
the U.S. in search of one of a kind finds for their E-bay store!

The Muse

Kate Moss deserves a cult, or possibly even a religion. First off, she's 5"7, 34 years old, and is still in the top of her game with two kids under her arm. Not only is she killin them hoes standing 3-4 inches shorter than those fresh-faced giraffe statured 14-20 year olds, but do take note that the average modeling career ceases at the age of 21. Not only is her personal style a muse to several designers, but she's the ideal fashion icon for millions of girls. For fuck's sake, Kate Moss makes a coke scandal look damn good, and she even snorts it well. Hence Joel Mchale's introduction to Mosstril vacuum cleaner. Not everyone can be inspiration for a universal household appliance. I'm also quite assured as well that half the fans of Libertines and Babyshambles would not have found Pete Doherty as a r'n'r sex icon or appealing if Kate Moss hadn't dated him.

Well to get down to my point, is Kate Moss's coke scandal printed on a T a scandal or art? Discuss.

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Sunday, June 22, 2008


I have writer's block. Or more like blogger's block.
So until I regain and rejuice some creativity to post something
witty or thought provoking to say,
here's a mix you can scope out for the meantime.

And a lil background info
"Shark -(noun)- 1 a long bodied chiefly marine fish with a cartilaginous skeleton, a prominent dorsal fin, and toothlike scales. Extremely aggressive and predatory. 2 an expert in a specified field (example: a pool shark). 3 a mammal known as "Ari", who wishes nothing else but to decimate you with tons of sound and rythmic beats ranging from Tec House to Electro. Lets do it."

Click Here:
Shark Mix - June 21st 2008

Heres a track listing.
1. Thursday (The Twelves Remix) - Asobi Seksu
2. Innocence (Simian Mobile Disco Twelves Remix) - Björk
3. Good Boys (Scissor Sisters Extended Mix) - Blondie
4. Hot Dog - Simian Mobile Disco
5. Go Mr Sunshine (Punks Jump Up Remix) - Remi Nicole
6. Halcyon + On + On (Sirhan Re-Edit 2008) - Orbital

Dj Ari is somewhat fresh meat but still producing some dope beats for your drunk ass to shake it to, so hit him up for your next club. party. BBQ. yard sale (those are oh so trendy now a days.) wedding. bat/bar mitzvah. sex.

Nothin but a g thang baaaaaaaaaaaaby

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bored in LA?

My homegirl Crystal sent me a link to
this outdated (but ongoing current events) of a blog
with a list of things to do in L.A.
Ohhhh hipsters,logout your macbook and take a break from those daily web cam photos you all like to post daily, grab your imitation Marc Jacobs purse and your keys with the
20 hello kitty chains hanging off it, because you got things to do and places to shop.

Events listed are:

A blog about a blog, this one deserves tremendous props.
Roller Disco on Sundays? An excuse to wear my rainbow one suit without
looking like a tard? I'll meet you under the disco ball ;)

Also, just like my menstruation cycle, a highly anticipated event is comin up
which occurs only once a month!

Trust, Miss Yuka knows whatsup,
Last Hi-Fi So-Sweet hosted that thang
and Partyshank boys were F.O.P. (Fresh off the plane.)
Free Sparks and don't forget to R.S.V.P.
(You can save 5 dollars and spend it on a gallon of gas, yayy!!! )

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Music sounds better with you...

There is one thing that 99.9% of the
universe can all agree on loving, and this is
music. So here are my top 10 list fav songs about music,
cos Music is boyfriend, music is my imaginary friend music is my hot hot sex,
Music is where i'd like you to touch.

And if you got any cool tracks you wanna share bout my boyfriend music,
drop a line and leave the artist name and song. Or forever hold your greedy ears.

Music is My Boyfriend - CSS
Music sounds better with you
- DAFT FUCKING PUNK!!! and Stardust
Music (Vaporub Mix) - Madonna
Lights and Music - Cut Copy
I Feel Music in your Heart-Kris Menace
Stop the Music - Team Monster
Music to watch girls by -Andy Williams
Maybach Music - Rick Ross
The worst taste in music -Radio Dept.

And duh I saved the best for last, teehee

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fun For everyone!

Let's step back for a momo scope out these upcoming events this month! I've literally been in hibernation for 2 and counting weeks, but by next week I'm liberated (sadly just summer vaca not my 18nth b-day) and you best be sure you'll be seeing my bitch ass in a town near you.

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I'm not a raver, at all, but EDC is going to be my first and only exception. (By Far).
And there are speculating rumors that my all favorite band to see live is playing, and I'm not taking any risk into NOT going. Plusss my homeboys & baby girls are having a hotel sleepover somewhere nearby, so it's a go.

And Plus I'm superstoked for Download 2008 Music festival in Universal city walk:
The line up is:

Gang of Four?! Brand New?! Datarock!?!?? It's like 2005 for me all over again!

Check out more info on this @:

Friday, June 6, 2008

Taylor Herrronnn!

Speaking of underrated orange county talent,
My favorite local photographer is Mr. Taylor Herron himself.
Lemme tell ya somethan, we go waaaay back. (For my young life at least).
Twas' summer of 06, Mickey Avalon @ the Galaxy, he lugged around a big backpack and a camera, and my friends wanted their picture taken. (Note this was before candids and night life photography blew out of proportion.) He didn't take our photograph. Months later,
I see him at yet another Mickey show, and from there we've kept in touch.
(and obviously lost out of touch after mishaps on our last shoot bahahaha)

Bottom line is, Taylor Herron knows his shit, not only is he school-educated
about film and all its magical wonders, but TH isn't doing his thang for the money
or connections. He's doing his thang cos it's his mothafuckin hobby, and no he did
not buy his Nikon 2 months ago and scrutinized every club in town to make some
change because the DJing gig failed him. These days, it's hard to find people
who live for their hobby rather than just trying to live off it. And thus, Taylor Herron deserves shameless promotion. Props to TH.

Check out

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"Is Chris Hansen going to show up at my door?"


Thursday, June 5, 2008

We like the orange county

Although I've only resided in Orange County for almost 3 years and counting, I must say, the music scene over here is underrated. There are a ton of conveniently located and nice venues with a lot of potential, vs. the nitty gritty cramped ones in the plastic capital of the world. Lets get real, we're like, at most 15 minutes away from the beach and 5 minutes from a mall anywhere you are in Orange County, duh.

So here are my top 9 local bands.
From gritty warehouse punk / electronica shows, to
the Tijuana esque hood in Costa Mesa (Hence detroit bar, evocal),
Downtown Fullerton (A nice clash of pubs and venues)
and of course, the infamous backyard parties.

This is back when Health played in my hood and not with
Crystal Castles, and sidenote they did not start this
new sound, it's been incorporated into all the Santa Ana
bands years before crimewave even came out.

9.)The Shys

Track: Call in the Cavalry

The shys is a band you would find on the back of a "Music from the OC" soundtrack if Marisa never died. The sounds is somewhat like Jet but with the laid back beach setting behind the notes. It's "a formula mainly used by British groups of the sixties and seventies (Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Beatles, The Clash) and turn it into something visceral, all their own." Check it.

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8.) Pink Book Girls Club

Check out the track Nicole Richie Motherfucker

Even though me, you, and your best friend have all dated and hated him,
We can also agree that seeing PBGC perform is an experience, right?
Chris G. gets painfully into the track and starts pounding on the ground
(During, and after the show). The crowd is half metal and half stilleto-overdone
and underage girls R.I.P.

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7.) Paper Thin Walls

Track: Midnight Moves

Ummm, I think I'm in some of these lyrics...LOL.
Paper thin walls has come a long way in such a short amount of time. They played with Led Zeppelin, yes you heard me, at their reunion show in London. Sadly all good things must come to an end, and the band is no longer together, but I jacked a bunch of copies from one of the homeboys in the band, so if you're interested for a copy, message me via myspace. Teehee.

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6.) Venus Infers

Track: London's raining

I once told Davis Fetter that I loved him. And holla'd at my ass back and returned to singing a pretty little song, and from that moment on I've been hooked by his voice. If Kings of Leon had a baby with Arctic Monkeys, Venus Infers is the love child. But with a face. and you know, the rest of the package.

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5.) Japanese Motors

Track: Regrets of Paradise

When Japanese Motors walks onto a stage, shirts start to unbutton, lipstick is reapplied
and acrylics are sharpened. Intimidated boyfriends and hubbies also move in closer to their
domain/woman, and fellas I wouldn't blame you. There's something about the motors that
just gets the crowd going. Dear Al Knost, I still have a piece of your wife beater (shared with 10 other girls from a Chain Reaction show a year or two back.) Also thanks for the cameo to me and B's get together. And disappearing after you guys found the hot tub...

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4.) My Pet Saddle

Track: Alaskan Sun

Although 100% of this band hates me,
They make number four on my list because:
1.) I feel guilty and cursed for stealing one of the member's hats. and I'm "cursed".
2.) Their music on their page does not give them any justice on how well they sound
and perform live.
3.) PYT's.

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3.)Pop Noir
Track: Santa Ana

My favorite pair of twins besides Suite life of Zack&Cody boys,
Luke and Joe have the smoothest moves that JT should be afraid.
It's been great to watch them grow, from Sol Art to Cinespace and
a club near you, I advise you to wear your dancing shoes and round up
a dance partner. Cos they fine.

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2.) The Growlers

Track: Sunset Girl

I'm convinced that there's something in the water from wherever the Growlers
are from, not only are they genetically perfect, their music is mind blowing
and medication to the ears. No joke. It cured my friend's migraine, it will be
the remedy to yours. Oh yeah, and let's not forget, their handsome *fan girl giggle*

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Although the band isn't together anymore,
seein Hailey in her bathing suit, sneakers + rocking chains
and bringing the neighborhood creepers together in a backyard
party was def the shit, and this photo says it all.
(Taken in Mike's living room)

And overall they win #1 on my list just because
of the non-existent pride that takes over me when I tune into OC ROX.

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I don't know who my father is either


Why can't all T-shirt wearers be this honest? or forward?
Like "I have AIDS" or "Baby dick"
and "I put out" and "Please give me attention, I don't have a father"

But that's just me being optimistic, ya know.
Also courtesy to your neighborhood predator (the one that lives next door and always stares at you while you fumble for your keys) wants you to check out these tracks recorded by our boy ARI. So bump up your speakers, and air force sneakers, and shake yo thang like a overdosin' tweaker.

Download Link For The Mix Is Located Here:
Shark Mix - June 3nd 2008

Track List:
1. Supabeatz - Alchemy
2. Yelle - A Cause Des Garcons (Riot In Belgium Mix)
3. Revolte - Ironical Sexism (Blanche DuBois Remix)
4. Larry Tee - My Pussy (feat. Amanda Lepore (Swanque Mix)
5. Grafton Primary - I Can Cook (Hey Now Remix)
6. Blaqstarr- All The Girls Around The World (Klever So So Death Remix

PS. got mad love for all the bj readers
who had nice things to say the last post.
I will see you in the next realm

Sunday, June 1, 2008


Either our readers are mean
or we only get comments from critics.
It makes me sad, and I feel like this:

But on the otherhand...,0.jpg

Just like her name, she is everywhere

Although she's only 15, Sky is taking up the music scene by storm.
Who said talent came with age? This real life Lolita hella knows how to hit'em high notes.
Not only will you find her on party photo blogs such as Lastnightsparty, TheCobrasnake & Kidpaparazzi, but don't doubt if you'll see her on the Billboard music charts. Go big or go home.

From bathroom modeling to bathrooms at LAX,
Sky's not your average underage "intern". GURRRL actually got TALENT.
and her momma does the best weaves in town forsuuuure!

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Hanna montana better be afraid. Bitch wears a wig. Sky's hair is real.

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