Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Check it.

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Check out the Bulgarian dj Clipper who using me as the cover for his new mix "Clipper - Carnival In Space (June 2008)",it's a mixture of some classic house ,cosmic, balearic breakcore ,codeine disco beats,italo disco ,northern soul,happy house,slow is the new fast ,electro house,obscure and beyond and... who cares ? ENJOY!

Check out the track and get into it!

www. myspace. com/swankypunk

The track list includes:

1] saint etienne - only love can break your heart (andrew weatherall mix)
2] reverso 68 - especial
3] the popular people’s front - cellophane lover
4] rufus & chaka khan - ain’t nobody (hallucinogenic Version)
5] bazooka - alive
6] alex valentini - beautiful life (FD moustach edit)
7] aeroplane feat kathy diamond - whispers
8] still going - still going theme
9] the juan maclean - happy house
10] disco devil - now dance
11] the Immortals - the ultimate warlord



RFV said...

dope blog, dont mind if i subscribe to you do u?

BJ said...

Of course not x