Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I've been so inconsistent with this shit, and we don't get no mo luv, it's kinda making me sad n shitty that we don't get cute lil shout outs or hollas. Like an expired prostitute. But I'll compensate by trying to post everyday. Key term try. The American Apparel flea market was yesterday, I couldn't have been more disappointed. It wasn't as great and cheap as last year, I felt like an illegal immigrant picking corn through the rows and rows of clothing. And I had to dig too. Actually, I dug alot. My arms are a little muscle-y. Oh well, at least I was one of the first people to get in. Yesterday was a prime example that BIGGER IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER. Sure there was 10,000 more people then last year, sure Dim Mak and Cobra had a booth with a lot of cute clothing, sure there was a Slip N Slide (that eventually was contaminated with gonorrhea when a certain someone went on it), surely Sebastien Tellier was playing, and sure mango + chile was only 2 bucks, but it was 10,000 degrees outside, and everyone who looked cute didn't after they opened their mouth. Cobrasnake caught the American Apparel flea market the best:


If you've ever seen a herd of buffalo,
Imagine that but replace them with hipsters.

And they say our generation never do any physical activities.

Mia (Peeps.org) is a cute cover for the Fiesta though.
Scope it out.


C. URCHIN said...
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C. URCHIN said...

chyea i'm pretty bummed i had to 'miss out'