Monday, July 21, 2008

Backyard Betty

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Collective Souls Yard Sale! Next month I'll be selling a few of my own pieces with Xtal, and as you know her stuff was dirt cheap (urban outfitters scarves for a dollar, american apparel zebra leggings for 3 bucks, dresses and rompers for 4-5 dollars.) Plus Grape Soda had a ridiculous variety of sweaters, boots, hand-made feather earrings, high waisted shorts, shades, shoes and etc, and nothing cost over 20 dollars! Plus the bordering Mexican restaurant had some bomb tacos for only a dollar, and cupcakes, beer, vodka and cran was sold too. If your a penny saver, this was a sale was definitely heaven-sent, and photos below is just a very small taste of Sunday afternoon, with a live DJ, cold-ass lemonade and a chill hang out spot for everyone of all ages and sizes to kick it. This was definitely a kick off from the Sunday Blues.

More photos will be up on Glamer1

After 50 nip slips Sean gave me this shirt

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