Monday, July 14, 2008

Let's be honest

So I have something to get off of my chest... It maybe bigger than telling my roman catholic parents that I love penis! Even though I do not like country music, Taylor Swift has caught my attention! I am totally in love with her and do not get me wrong, Britney Spears is still my number one female, but Taylor is not half the crazy that Britney is. (Sorry Brit)

My problem starts here!

We all know of Miley Cyrus aka Hannah Montana... well if you do not let me give you the 411!

Hannah Montana: 15 year old super star, rolls in more than 31 million a year, and has a fucking amazing blonde wig.

What gay boy or 12 year old little girl could not love her?

Okay! Okay! I love Hannah Montana as well, I am just a guilty as everyone else.
But I think I love her a bit too much... I have a pillowcase with her on it and when it is time to hit the bed with my man and get down with him, I have a VERY hard time doing so with a 15 year old super star staring right at me! Some may say I'm lucky but I find it revolting!
Soooooo.... In order to spice it up with my man and start feeling comfortable, I have to give up my "official" Hannah Montana pillow! She needs a good home!
Any takers?

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