Monday, May 19, 2008


LOCAL TOURIST is a clothing line that represents artistry freedom and street couture. With a lifestyle brand aimed at today’s urban/retro/indie culture, designer Eric Fobair’s inspiration is the women he surrounds himself with - which are mostly his friends. Each girl is sketched, screen printed and immortalized on fabric. Also included in the line are branded sweaters, t-shirts and scarves. His line represents a chic and liberated style that is an exact replication of today’s youth and it’s acceptance of individuality. True to its name, LOCAL TOURIST, it is for everyone.

LOCAL TOURIST was started by Eric Fobair, a graduate from the University of Oklahoma who recently hit the bricks of LA to make it as a fashion designer. Born in Minnesota, and raised in Texas, Fobair started the business in his last year at the University of Oklahoma. In his first year, he established boutiques in both Oklahoma and Texas and soon extended his brand by coming to California and concentrating on producing fashion throughout the city. He has made a name in the electro scene by collaborating on uniquely designed t-shirts with electro DJ (but not DJ) BUL!M!ATRON!, scene photographer Redslurpeee(, and semi-sceret werehouse party Blow Up LA. Also, LOCAL TOURIST currently sponsors ShadowScene (, which is based in Los Angeles and encompasses the photography, writing, fashion art & humor of Ellei J. LOCAL TOURIST also sponsors lifestyle brand So Sweet (Ladytron, Crystal Castles, Lies in Disguise, Blake Miller, Le Castle Vania, Partyshank, etc…)"

For the past six months LOCAL TOURIST has been selling at all the hottest clubs: including THE HEIST, TILT L.A., BLOW UP L.A., HI – FI NOIZE, and Say What? (Las Vegas). And most recently Local Tourist/Eric Fobair was featured on the NBC television program Your LA (,



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