Saturday, May 31, 2008

I can't color enough!!!

A post on a Saturday? Absurd!!!
At the current mo I'm being antisocial and sitting
upstairs avoiding catered dinner for my sister's birthday,
because something very significant has overcome my brain and hands. omgz I cannot vent more how good the Sex and the city movie is!!!
(note I have all seasons under my possession, I'm kinda hooked.)
Last night I went through a list of emotions because

1.) T.o.m. is coming (time of the month)

2.)I have an absurdly huge pimple on my chin, so big that I've given it a name and attention. (and now a namedrop)

click side image for larger view of the sight itself, ahahah
3.) I hopped from movie theater to movie theater in search for a one that hadn't sold out. and lastly, I turned gothic and joined a cult, but have been rejected because my skin is too "tan". awwww helllllll nawwwwwww.

The movie made me go "awwwwww" and cry, choke (for different reasons, teehee,but jk,noreallyjk) and I now am taking applicants for three girl-friends. I don't have anyone equivalent to BIG in my life, nor do I have Louboutin shoe collection, but I do have a laptop so I am enough like Carrie Bradshaw, size wise at the least. Looking for

1. Red head wet blanket and will fight in court free of charge with me in my future DUI hearings. 2. Brown haired prep overly optimistic and will shop for Self-Advice books
3. Blonde slutty older friend to buy vibrators with.
Gender need not to apply.

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Amir Amadi said...

thats my velvet underground pin!!!!!!!!!