Monday, May 12, 2008

Ch-ch-ch-check it out

I swear on all my free grabs from gigs that this is not self promotion,
But clearly an advertisement for all you online shoppers to take a look at

First glance, Miss Lanie from Hellz Bellz.
She's no doubt the queen (and king) of Streetwear designs for women
and not only will you find her all over Missbehave Mag, Karmaloop and the internet,
but she's declared as one of the Most Official Bitches, hands down. Also got major love for powerful women with the same roots as I, bonding over Phillipino mothers, high school, and an ex and current day bad ass. *Props to grace* No doubt she's one multi-talented boss lady, doin ma hair and make up plus photographing me for her Spring 08 line. (Old news, considering it's already May) but her t-shirts are suitable for year-round wear. Guaranteed to turn heads and get head.

Number 2.

Miss Wax Jewelry.

Who doesn't have mad love for blonde bombshells with talent?
Hand-made and one of a kind jewelry for precious one of a kind people like you and I., affiliated with Lanie from HB. I hear they use to cruise down in whale's vagina being the thugs that they are.

and let's resurrect biggie paaaahlease

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Nina. said...

love thc cig earrings maan.