Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Steve Aoki = Modern day jesus?

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So last night I went to the arena and almost shit my pants when I saw the four hour (yes, four fucking hour) line to get into Dance to see Steve Aoki spin. Lucky for me Manny put me on the list and I didn't have to wait in that shit or pay fifteen dollars to see someone who plays at Cinespace every tuesday just a few streets away. I really had no idea that Steve Aoki was that huge, in the underage scene at least...It was as if he was some international import from Japan / modern day jesus. But I'm not even quite sure if people would pay 15 dollars or wait four hours in line to hang out with Jesus. Seriously, underage bitches need to start saving up for an ID or suckin some dick or something. Four hours and fifteen dollars? I'd rather youtube and take ecstasy at home. I left at 1:30 and there were still people waiting in line to get in. Dance closes at 2. Bitches are craaaazy. He should sell his socks on ebay...

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