Thursday, August 7, 2008


My homeboy P-Funk is spittin some rhymes in spite of me,
and check out his blurbs bout his new inspo here

"she rocks zebra pants and leopard print
red lipstick and the freshest skin
dressed to kill or maybe she's dressed to win
i don't know but i sure am impressed with it"

That's just a teasa, I guess I'm turning into some lyrical inspiration, which reminds me of Remo from the retired Faux for Real who wrote "Everyone's a slut" after a late night rant bulletin of mine. Check the track out, it still gives me the giggles after all these years. (I still ponder on how he found that song default of me...)

"...girls named suzanne and olivia, we all want, what they've got, and it buuuuuurns, cos they hot"

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